Proving Jesus

I find it very strange that people who are non believers or who call themselves atheist say in todays world there is no evidence that God is not just a fairytale . One statement made on a facebook conversation asked why are Christians so offensive, and why would I worship god when they offend me? They expressed how god offended them. A reply said that , that if you don’t believe there is a god how can he offend you? That was kind of a ah ha moment because it reveled that in their heart they do believe but were hurt by someone or had a reason to be angry. their anger was directed towards god and it was clear they hadn’t grasp this because they coulnt give any real reasons fallowing up further questions , so another non believer steped up saying you can make moral judgement on a fictional character . Do you know whats wrong with this ? Number one if Darth vador being a evil character knows im here and begins talking to me we know were in trouble . How can I be mad at anything he says or does ? he isn’t talking to me right? also lets say I have a puppet and I use the puppet to offend someone . Are they going to be mad at the puppet? No! That person would be mad at me . Another thing wrong with that is atheist arnt supposed to believe in the moral law because they are biblical… and how can a fictional character be applied to that? they can not do wrong or right because they are in your imagenation so how then could you judge them? YOu cant ! My point here is I see and hear this confliction in non believers all the time . That’s because when god made us he gave us a conscience that is the ability to know truth from a lie , to know right from wrong. When we do something wrong we get that nagging feeling until we correct that and make peace . I know this is the truth because the word conscience means with knowledge ! That means subconsciously you know what I am saying is the truth and that god is real to some degree . Take these two things for an example . Every man and woman gets angry but when we say hurtful words most of the time we feel bad right away. we know that murder is wrong even if by our standards its justifiable …. like if your a parent and someone harms your child or a married person and your spouse is killed its a natural human reaction to seek revenge ( justice .. and remember this ) we know even then that its wrong. we all have the same basic sense of right and wrong and all those senses amazingly agree with the moral biblical law. The moral biblical law is the 10 commandments . I wont ask you to name them but jesus said to  sum them up its easy love thy god and put no other before him and love your neighbor as yourself . Everything comes down to love . ( By the dictionary : an inyense feeling of deep affection, tenderness warmth intimacy , sometimes a sexual attraction/ chemical reaction the bible says: 1 cor.13:3-7 love is patience kindness does not envyis not a boastful pride its not self seeking or easily angered it keeps no record of wrongsdoes not delight in evil but the truth ) So we have this another example that we know already . look at our eyes and compare them to a camera . they have a purpose and their functions are complex. when we made the camera it took time because it was an intelligent design. The same with our eyes . I could go on and make so many see the simularites but you get the picture . human beings are evidence of intelligent design . Eveything we have was made by man we maped out and planned how to create everything for how we need to use them. How can anone think we are no different , look at what we can do , our bodies …really? Then think of human emotion our connections to one another on so many levels . We didn’t evolve into what we are because the first mans body had the same abilities and so were all his emotional connections the same .The make up of man has always been the same , there is no evidence of change of kind. ( butterflys , the certain types of fish and birds that have been used as exaples have to be counted out because the fish while it appeared to change it was still a fish an so on , with the butterfly you still see the catepellar ..theres been no observable change of kind ever proven ) Look at the world wide strange hapinings ..seriously I don’t believe in aliens and im not going to argue about ghost but heres the thing before technology the whole world could not collberate and create such stories people both on drugs and clean expersence the supernatural . You cant deny that either , while today we can make up things so easy its getting stranger and esier to see that something hirer than ourselves exsists . The universe is to big I hear that a lot and I wont go there but seriously evidence is in everything just open your eyes . Do your own experments and you will see more so that the bible is much more than fairytale. we even have artifacts proving that the people of the bible were real and enough to show theres a lot of truth in the stories . also here is something you can think on if you know anything about human nature when we lie our stories change . over time the stories in the bible have not changed . people may have added or taken things out ok but the real stories have survived and the witnesses who wrote gave testimony from the bible days we have letters handwritten and we ignore this or the atheist just talk out of their ass and don’t really investigate bothe sides accurately ? Takr the heath studies and those scientist .. they aren’t reliable people . how many times do we have to go back an forth on the issues of weather or not coffee and soy is bad or good. the truth ? they have both bad and good quilites and everything was created for us to eat and heal us in moderation was meant to be used . even the things that man has created . science always argues their points nothing is absolute in science nor are men reliable no matter how much schooling we are always making mistakes . Atheist say well the bible was written by men and that we have faith in that but they put faith in the textbooks written by men and yes it is faith because again what have thet obersved or proven themselves ?   The bible is true people . If you can believe in the worlds theories as to why its not real but you have eyes ears and a heart then how much easier to believe wgat is before you ?


Biblical proof

I wanted to give some good verses that should be read to help with the study from the other day. 

Read duet. Chapter 18: 

tthis pretty much talks of practices which are detestable to god .  Let non be found amung you that sacrifices his son or daughter who practices divination  scorcery interprets omens witchcraft cast spells consults the dead.. 

In mark 1:25 Jesus spoke to a (( evil SPIRIT) he said shut up and get out .  Before that the spirit was talking . It’s not a sin to talk we are to take authority and command them not hold conversations . 

There is another part of bible that I spoke of where god asked a demon it’s name . That’s for stubborn spirits that put up a fight . It’s like when your mother calls you by your full name . You know your in trouble . It also say try the spirits cause some pose as angels . Angels will say that The Lord is Jesus an that he lived dies and was raised from the dead . If you can see spirits one way you can tell is the light of a poser is dull compare. To an angel .

before I said to you something about a verse in the bible that says we wrestle not with flesh but against spirital hosts and demons basicly well the bible repeats stuff like this so it mustbe important that we awake to truth

I. N Romans 8:37-39 it says we are more than conuerors through him who gives us strength. It’s saying not angels not demoms nothing with power high or low in the present or in the future can separate us from him

wgile he is with us he gives us strength to handle all things even ghost demons witches and so on. It also says if we abide in him he will abide in us . Basicly they see that Jesus is in us it scares  them off   But sometimes we have to show them we are not afraid and stand ferm  and fight for what they try to steel . We are at war this is the battlefield not isreiel . People are ruled and influences by spirits both good and evil . We are vessels tools in this world 

Getting christians saved

So it accrued to me that Christians and non christians. alike  really are  missing some things about what it means to be christian. #The word christian means Christ like . We are becoming like him daily , it’s a long journey. Christians are NOT Christ but we represent him . We do this in all parts of the journey and we do it imperfectly . We are human we still fall short of his glory : his glory is the manifestation of all his power and love . We will only beperfect  when we are transfigured and in the kingdom of heaven .

So christian s when we become christians Don’t magically become  made new all at. Once . The bible says when we decided to become christian the Holy Spirit comes in  us and that our old selves die. it says we get a new nature but it happens over time . It is something we ha e to learn  to adapt to. We have to first read and study gods  word to know what’s acceptable and who Christ was . We also have to understand. That  you can read the bible daily , learn to recite it and that doesn’t mean we KNOW it . Do you understand it is the question . Sometimes the only way is if we communicate to god and ask for him to help us .  The bible is made of many stories based off history   ,parables and stories told just as lessons . / side note :  for this reason people get confused about it as the truth. People even say  that certain. Books shouldnt be in the bible because its supposed to Okie dokiebe  Gods holy  word . Well  he sent Jesus to a hurting messy world with a message . Jesus called demons out of people. Healed sickness feed and clothed the poor .  News flash that is what Holy is . Cleaning the people freeing nations making a new world where he can live with us . He is ridding the world of sin fixing the broken pieces . Remember when Jesus died he actually went to hell to concurs death. It’s not a pretty business . Don’t get all confused you might say I thought god couldn’t  be present in a unholy place ? That’s why he became flesh. It’s the Holy Ghost who won’t be in dark was : anyway…back to the earlier message. So now you know christians sometimes lie they sometimes covet , kill and let their emotions get to them .  We are often made to look bad to those who don’t fully understand we are like children growing into the full body of god . See we have to develop new habits and break old ones . Its. a proses to stop. Smoking to stop watching bad movies . Repent means to turn away from sin and  thats action people . Christians will learn I. Time to live people too sometimes we have to practice and then the emotion cat he’s up. We are sincere but the flesh is slower than the spirit .  Often people Judge Christians and not thinking about this and accusing  us of being hypocrites and judging you . For one we are just messengers making people aware of what the word sways soo it’s actually god. Who is judging . And when someone a uses us actually they are the sensitive hypocrite who is judging. It is your guilty contious making you feel defensive and condemed. We know we are wrong but we don’t want to be accountable . We feel god will take away our fun . God k ow whats best and he can give us a lasting. Real joy and he is not looking  to condemn or convict. We have a will people we make choices and we have consequences we have to face sooner or latter so don’t get mad at god .

So that is #1

legs take a break and then ill takes on 2 on saving christians. lol